My Steps to Becoming Minimalist: Wardrobe

Minimalism means many things to different people. Some people may consider me to be an extreme minimalist, others may say that I’m not a minimalist at all. The point is that I call myself a minimalist not because I take steps to reduce the number of items I own, but because of why I’m doing those things. My wardrobe today has radically changed from what it was even 6 years ago.

First Week in London Ontario

It’s been 8 and a half days since moving to London Ontario. A quick first glance thoughts. Well, coming from an area that had zero restaurants for vegans, this city is smashing the vegan food game

Nicole’s Nuggets- Oats!

I watch a lot of what I eat in a day, or breakfast ideas. and I always see a lot of oats.

How I lost 15lbs in 2 weeks, The start of my weight loss ​journey

My small frame of 4 feet 11 inches carried 206 pounds. Months before, I had started to really do my research, looking at other’s stories and finding scientific studies that had proven to work.

Nicole’s Nuggets- stickers

I’ve recently gotten into being as waste free as possible… Why in the world are there stickers on nearly every piece of fruit?

And now I am here

Have you ever been told a sentence or a word, Something that has made you stop and question what it is that you are doing?